Make Mouse and Trackpad scroll direction independent in Mac OS X

Problem: Mac OS X does not let you have different configurations for the Trackpad and Mouse scroll direction

  • Download and install SteerMouse.
  • Use this configuration:
    • Wheel: 
      • Roll Up -> 3 x Scroll Down
      • Roll Down -> 3 x Scroll Up

Works like a charm! I've almost forgotten about the hassle of having enable or disable natural scroll depending on what I was using at the moment.

If you're aware of any other solution to this, comment away :)

Darvalon on Reddit also suggests Scroll Reverser as a free alternative: "I have been using it for a while and it works well. The only annoyance is that it breaks 3 finger tap dictionary lookup, but I rarely use that myself."


  1. Since you asked for other solutions... I was able to set up ControlPlane to automatically toggle OS X natural scrolling on/off when I switch between using my trackpad & mouse.

    I outlined exactly how to set it up step-by-step in this blog post:

    I looked at Scroll Reverser as well, but the developer describes a few downsides to using it on his website that I wanted to avoid. I'm happy to report that this ControlPlane solution is working perfectly. I hope it helps anyone still looking for a solution, or who didn't have luck with SteerMouse.

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